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Kokorozashi Daimoku Counter

Developer: Infinit Solutions
1.69 usd

Kokorozashi is the only daimoku counter you will ever need. The only one with a real map! View your recitations on the map and stay motivated to achieve the objectives.SOME REVIEWS"I love it !!!! Thank you so much" - 5 stars"Great, a fun and inspiring method for my Daimoku. Thanks" - 5 stars"Just purchased and immediately put to the test. It's very comfortable and fun to use! - 5 stars"My 11 years old son began chanting with Kokorozashi. Low cost, high benefit! "- 5 stars"I've just installed it... and I can't wait to see the ”Moon over the Capital." For me it's great motivation. Thanks. "- 5 stars"Don't miss it. It’s great!” - 5 stars
EVERY DAY A NEW STEP.Kokorozashi assists and motivates you in Nam Myoho Renge Kyo chanting with a daimoku counter that gives value to a path of commitment and daily challenges.A great little travel tool for keeping an eye on progress and objectives, and to encourage you to continue the journey.
Enjoy your victories!
KOKOROZASHI IN BRIEF:• Inspired by the Gosho "Letter to Niiike":The first daimoku counter where daily practice is linked to the journey it takes to reach Kyoto from the village of Kamakura.
• Two beautiful dynamic maps: A long trail passes through beautiful scenes that one by one represent the twelve stages metaphorically associated with the principles and concepts of Buddhism of Nichiren.
• Encouragement to practice: Original passages of the Gosho as a reward for each stage of the journey. And you can link your own personal goal to each one, giving you one more incentive to move forward.
• Recitation Log: A precise, automatic registry where you can keep track of all the daily recitations and the total practice time, with the ability to manually enter missing recitations.
• Kokorozashi works in background too. Even if your battery goes down Kokorozashi doesn't stop to count your Daimoku.
• Ability to send encouragement and personal messages to friends via SMS, e-mail or social networks.
GIVE US YOUR IMPRESSIONWe want your experience of using Kokorozashi to be as easy and comfortable as possible. Give it a try and send us your feedback by writing a review on the store or to the e-mail address We care about your opinions.
We have spent the last two years designing a new generation of applications for practicing Buddhism which are respectful, helpful and easy to use.
With Kokorozashi we wanted to provide you with a daimoku counter that assists and motivates you in your practice, but we know that everything can always be improved.
We'd love to hear your opinions and learn from you.Your comments and priorities will guide our work.
If you have comments, suggestions or bugs to report, leave us a review, write to the e-mail address or on the website -